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Engineering Qualifications


James H. Standen, P.E.
2537 Clark Street
Jackson, MI  49202

Phone:  1.734.330.5664
FAX:     1.877.715.7906



         Professional Engineer, 
            State of Michigan (#6201025383)
            State of Indiana (PE10707703)


          Previous Certifications (Retired - not currently active):

             Licensed Residential Building - Michigan
     International Code Council (ICC)
                Special Inspector Reinforced Concrete

                Special Inspector Structural Masonry

                Special Inspector Structural Steel and Welding

                Special Inspector Spray-Applied Fireproofing

            American Concrete Institute (ACI) 
                 Grade I Concrete Technician

            Michigan DEQ Storm Water Management
                 Construction Site Operator

             American Welding Society (AWS) 
                 Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)


            Oregon DOT Construction Aggregate Tech            

            Oregon DOT Quality Control Technician – Concrete




           B.S. Civil Engineering, Wayne State University, 1973

           US Air Force / US Army Air Traffic Control School

           Troxler Radiation Safety Officer Course

           Isotope Radiography Training for X-Ray Devices,
               Gamma Industries

           SARA/OSHA 40 hour Compliance Course

           PSI Pre-Purchase Environmental Audit Class

           ACI Level I Concrete Testing Technician Class

           ICBO Inspection Procedures for Epoxy and
               Expansion Anchors in Construction



PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS (Retired - not currently paying dues)


             National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers
American Society of Civil Engineers

             National Society of Professional Engineers

             American Concrete Institute




The following list is a sample of the projects completed during the past 32 years.  Projects range from single-family homes to high-rise structures in many areas of the country..


Fairlane Town Center Construction – Dearborn, MI.  

Performed on-site quality control of over 1000 dried pier (caisson) foundations including bearing capacity verification, steel reinforcing inspection and concrete quality control.

PPG Corporate Headquarters – Pittsburgh, PA

Senior Quality Control Engineer reviewed test results and procedures for construction of high-rise structural steel building.  Foundation testing, concrete and structural steel and welding inspection

Flint EPA Sewer Separation Project – Flint, MI

Construction Materials Quality Control Engineer working through the design engineer to verify quality construction on all structural concrete, bored sewer tunnel, jacked pipe tunnels and open cut sewer installation.  Approved all materials and construction activities as they pertained to the finished quality of the project.

Tiger Stadium Investigation and Renovation – Detroit, MI

Provided existing condition survey for the major renovation and upgrade of the Detroit Tiger’s Major League baseball stadium.  Investigated strength of concrete, mapped exiting cracked concrete, testing existing steel rivets and high strength bolts, and performed corrosion studies on the structural steel members and connections.  

Detroit General Hospital – Detroit, MI

Materials testing engineer for complete hospital facility.  Provided concrete mix design review and field concrete testing services including thermocouple curing temperature monitoring of mass concrete mat foundation system.

Dearborn East Townhouses – Dearborn, MI

Geotechnical investigation of foundation settlement problems on several two story condominium units.  Provided recommendations for the successful underpinning of existing foundations using mini-piles and grouting.

Ottawa State Office Bldg. – Lansing, MI

Provided materials testing and inspection for State of Michigan office building.  Testing included foundation inspection, reinforced concrete inspection, and structural steel fabrication, erection and welding inspection in accordance with the State of Michigan DMB requirements.

GM Pontiac Truck Plant – Pontiac, MI

Served as Geotechnical Engineer of record and materials testing engineer for major renovations, additions and and machine bases.  Monitored an evaluated highway traffic induced vibrations effect on buildings and equipment environmental clean-up.  Deep pile foundations were installed for building support and heavy press foundation support. 

GM Lake Orion Plant – Lake Orion, MI

Served as quality control engineer for the construction of new 3 million square foot assembly plant.  Two year project required inspection and testing of over 7 million cubic yards of engineered fill and all foundations, reinforced concrete, structural steel and asphalt paving.

Frito-Lay Distribution Centers – Plymouth, MI;  Gresham, OR

Provided geotechnical engineering and construction materials engineering for food distribution warehouses.  Soils services included surcharge loading of soft clay soils prior to construction of foundations.

IBM Chip Manufacturing Facility – East Fishkill, NY

Provided on-site construction quality control that included vibration studies of floor slabs foundations.

Selfridge ANG Base de-fuel system– Mt. Clemens, MI

Provided contractor construction quality control for military airfield construction of underground piping and runway repair and replacement.  Also provided slope stability analysis and bottom heave evaluation for deep tank excavation below the ground water table.

Meijer Thrifty Acres – Jackson, MI

This is one of many Meijer facilities where both geotechnical engineering and construction quality control services were provided.  Provided soils recommendations for wetlands remediation and the placement of wetlands soils in new construction area.


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