Standen Engineering Services
James H. Standen, P.E.

FHA HUD Permanent Foundations for Manufactured Housing  Provide inspection and certifcation by Professional Engineer of exisiting foundation systems for FHA HUD requirements.

Geotechnical Investigations and Engineering  Develop scope and procedures for geotechnical investigations including soil boring quantities, location, depth and field sampling.  Specify and complete laboratory tests and evaluate results to determine recommended foundation types, ground water control and construction practices.

Shallow Foundation Design, Inspection and Engineering:   Design shallow foundations for lightly loaded residential and commercial structures.  Types include normal spread footings, strip footings, aggregate reinforced soil support and wood foundation systems.


Deep Foundation Design, Inspection and Engineering:   Design and inspect deep foundation systems including drilled piers (caissons), driven timber pile, steel pipe pile, steel H-pile and auger cast piles.  Perform pile load tests on all types of pile foundations from 25 ton to 100 ton capacity.


Foundation Underpinning and Repair:   Investigate settlement conditions of existing foundations and design underpinning procedures.  Inspect pressure grouting of foundations, mini-pile installation for spread and strip footings, and pile supported grade beam installation.


Tower Foundation Design, Installation and Construction:   Perform geotechnical investigations and provide foundation design for cellular telephone and radio towers.  Tower types include freestanding lattice towers; self-supporting monopole towers and guide cable supported steel lattice towers.  Inspect foundation construction and tower placement tower construction quality control.


Tank Foundation Design and Inspection:   Perform geotechnical inspections and provide foundation and construction recommendations for above ground water and gas storage tanks.  Types include ground mounted with ring foundations, elevated on pedestal foundations and multi-leg elevated tanks.


Reinforced Concrete Testing and Engineering:   Perform all standard laboratory and field tests of fresh and hardened concrete and concrete aggregate.  Design concrete mixtures for normal and special uses and evaluate designs and test results for compliance with codes and specifications.  Evaluated existing structures by taking concrete cores, performing rebound hammer tests, (re-bar locator) and Windsor Probe testing.


Pre-stressed and Post-tensioned Concrete:   Perform inspection of the construction of pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete structures including bridge beams, floor slabs, structural beams and columns, concrete pipe and culverts.


Asphalt Testing and Engineering:  Design of asphalt mixtures and asphalt pavements for plant roadways and parking areas.  Perform all standard laboratory and field tests including Marshall Mix Designs and aggregate testing and evaluation.  Investigate existing pavements and provide recommendations for repair and reconstruction.


Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection Inspection:  Performinspection of steel fabrication shops and field erection in accordance with AISC standards including steel mill test reports, welder certification, and quality control procedures.  Check steel member size, location and alignment along with welded and bolted connections.


Structural Steel Welding Inspection and Testing:   Perform visual welding inspection in accordance with AWS D1.1 for weld type, location, size and quality.  Observe welding operations and set-up of welding equipment in accordance with approved welding procedures.


Nondestructive Testing of Welds and Fabricated Structural Steel:   Perform tests and evaluate results of NDT testing in accordance with AWS requirements.  Testing methods include, dye penetrant (PT), magnetic particle (MT), ultrasonic (UT) and radiographic (RT).


Welding Equipment Operation and Use:   Set up and operated gas and electric arc welding equipment for welding, brazing, soldering, cutting, heat straightening, and heat treating of metals.


Spray-Applied Fire Proofing Inspection and Testing:   Observe installation of spray and trowel applied fireproofing for structural members.  Check thickness, adhesion and density of material in accordance with ASTM standards and project specifications.


Storm Water Runoff Management and Control:   Design and monitor construction of construction site storm water management practices to meet MDEQ and USEPA standards.  Ensure than best management practices (BMP) are in place and performing as designed to minimize soil run off from sites.


Residential Wood Framing Design and Construction:   Design wood framing to meet State of Michigan Building Code requirements and provide for efficient and economical construction.  Specify wood types and grades and inspect for quality of wood materials.  Construct rough framing for residential structures using standard and pneumatic tools.  Ensure nailing and gluing meets Michigan Building Code standards.


Swimming Pool Design and Construction:   Design and install residential vinyl lined swimming pools in accordance with building code standards.  Install pool framing, vermiculite/cement base, liner, lights, and pool pump and filters.  Pool heaters include natural gas and propane fired units.


Construction Equipment Operation and Performance:   Specify use of construction equipment for job-site tasks based on performance and productivity.  Can operate back-hoe, bulldozer, and compaction equipment.


Epoxy and Expansion Anchor Installation and Testing:   Specify, install and test numerous types and sizes of epoxy and expansion anchors used in construction.  Testing include torque testing of anchors and pull out testing using both hydraulic and mechanical testing equipment.


Inspection, Testing and Evaluation of Fire Damaged Structural Materials:   Sample, test and evaluate building materials from fire damaged structures.  Concrete wall, floors and foundation; masonry units, mortar and steel are tested for properties including strength and durability.  Make recommendations for removal, replacement or repair


Electrical Grounding and Spark Control Materials for Structures:   Perform electrical grounding tests for structures using Megga Earth testing equipment in accordance with NFPA procedures and specification requirements.  Perform spark control testing and grounding of concrete floors for paint mixing rooms and paint spray booths.  Provide quality control during construction of explosive proof rooms and areas.


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